How can go green in your health

How about that vacuum cleaner. Ever wonder what that musky smell is when you first turn it on? I’ll tell you. That’s the smell of mold and fungus’s growing on the trash you sucked up the last time you used it. I guess you know in order for your vacuum to work air has to filter out of the bag as it is running. If the air couldn’t get out, the bag would pop. So all those tiny particles that aren’t big enough to be trapped by the filter escape into your air and thats the smell. The trouble with that is those particles stay air born for hours and because they are microscopic they embed deep into your lungs. This continued poisoning of our lungs prevents our cells from receiving the quality of oxygen they need. Of course you could change your bag each time you use it.

You could go green!!!!!!
Organic and natural cleaners. I have to admit it still isn’t as good as nothing but there are some chemicals that really don’t belong in your lungs. Always damp mop first and rinse often. Remember to make small healthy choices. Get a good quality HEPA air conditioner filter and change it when they recommend. If you can, rip up your carpet. You really don’t want to know what lives and multiplies down under there. I bought this small 1100 sq. ft. home and replaced the whole house with ceramic tile. Oh yeah, up until now I had never had any experience with tile but I did buy an installation book AND ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS. Took about 2 months. Piece of cake and that odor we just couldn’t seem to get rid of went with the carpet to the landfill.

I know we have really spread this all over but I hope by now you are really getting with the program. I told you previously that our entire life is touched by every aspect of our living. We make our environment at home and we can absolutely regulate it to about 90%. The inside air can be filtered and purified.  We can regulate to some extent the cleaning aids we use in the house. I still use bleach for some applications.  I have carpet in my room only and we don’t eat on the floor. We’re not feeding any critters! I buy those expensive air conditioner filters and have an air purifier / ionizer. (yes they really do work!!!) I take my shoes off in the kitchen and we damp mop regularly. My air is fairly clean and we don’t re-contaminate it with air fresheners. Clean air is a choice.

So the next time you are standing by your window as the light streams in, take a close look at what is floating in your air. The next time you clean all that stuff from your ceiling fan blades be sure and ask yourself how much isn’t stuck to the blades. When you check your air conditioner filter and it looks plugged remember you probably filtered the same amount of trash out of the air with your lungs. (makes you want to cough doesn’t it)

Healthy Choices leads to Healthy Decisions
Healthy air should be a priority in your house. Make healthy air a decision for your life.

How did we do

This month’s groceries, personal care items, and cleaning supplies cost a grand total of $233.52, which is $91.48 under my monthly budget of $325. It was a 5-week month, so perhaps that accounts for the slightly higher spending, but it will all even out in the end. I’m not very good about tracking my savings, but the numbers I did write down total up to $139.25. This number would be quite a bit higher if I were a bit more diligent in recording the savings shown on every receipt, and also if I bothered to figure out just how much I’m saving on the items I buy at Costco.

I wish I could say all this extra cash went straight into the savings account, but where’s the fun in that? I treated myself to a few kitchen toys that set me back around $200. I snagged a shiny new All-Clad 12-Inch Fry Pan on eBay. Then I started obsessing about Le Creuset. Unfortunately, I understand that the Le Creuset outlet store in Kansas City closed a while back, and the eBay deals weren’t all that hot. I finally realized how ridiculous I was and settled for a much more budget-friendly Lodge 6-Quart Dutch Oven in emerald green. Of course, I needed the Le Creuset Stainless Steel Knob if I wanted to bake bread in it. At this point, what’s a couple more things, right? A T-Fal Professional Total Nonstick 12-1/2-Inch Fry Pan and a Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet rounded out my order. The total damage was $200.12, which was then slightly reduced by an Amazon gift card from Opinion Outpost and by last week’s eBay Groupon. Whew!

Now you may be wondering how I can write about All-Clad and Le Creuset on a blog titled “A penny pinched.” It seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? I personally believe in pinching pennies wherever I can so that I can spend on the things that really matter to me. Donate, save, yes, bot don’t live like a miser. Treat yourself once in a while.